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In 1996, Mat Daniels started his company Hammer Head Construction. He first learned his work ethics on his family's fishing boats in Alaska. Long hours, dangerous work, and a need for quick reaction time helped develop his attention to detail. After leaving Alaska, Mat had many years of experience in construction before starting his own business.

Tara Daniels learned her work ethics while growing up in in southwestern Montana. Her attention to detail came from a love of art. Tara also has had many years of experience in construction as well. This coupled with an education in design enables her to work closely with our clients to help make the decision making process regarding finish detail easier.

Both Mat & Tara feel strongly that for their business to flourish, attention must be paid to their family and community. Both volunteer numerous hours to local charities and coaching local teams. They are raising their 4 children to have the same work ethic and morals that they both feel blessed to have had from their childhoods.

Just as they are involved in their community, they also believe that achieving quality, detailed work requires first hand involvement in every aspect of building a house. This attention to detail is something that our customers, many who become repeat clients, value greatly.


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Our company has grown over the years by the gracious referrals we receive from our clients. They are your best resource to find out more about how our company works. Please send us an email if you would like to talk to any of them and we would be more than happy to send a reference list.

Internet review on Hammer Head Construction

march.. 10, 2014 by Jim  ★★★★★

OK i own my own house was got to try to build my own garage with loft. I was way over my head. So i looked all over the internet for Lincoln city contractor's couldn't find any one that could handle the unique custom design i wanted to do, until i came across Matt with hammer head. He was able to go over my plans and make them work and also tweak them a little to capture a far better look and layout out that i could possibly imagine! Thanks again for all your hard work you guys ROCK!

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